Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Find and Track Mobile Devices with 3CX Mobile Device Manager

Have you or an employee ever lost one of your company’s mobile devices, or had any stolen? The Metropolitan Police reported that as many as 10,000 phones are stolen each month in the UK alone. Losing a mobile device is a big problem, and not just because you need to replace the hardware. Your phones likely have your sensitive corporate data on, which is then lost or exposed.

With 3CX Mobile Device Manager, if any of your Android smartphones or tablets get lost or stolen, you can see their exact location via Google Maps. With GPS tracking, you have the ability to recover your devices.

Being able to find and track your mobile devices with 3CX Mobile Device Manager also gives you the ability to make sure your mobile employees take the most efficient routes when meeting customers. You can control and supervise staff movements and monitor the status of each device in real time, as well as being able to easily give road directions to your employees when necessary.

You can pinpoint any location within Google Maps from the dashboard and send it as a message. When employees open the message, their Google Maps app shows them the exact location. When people know that their movements are being monitored, research shows that they become more efficient and company productivity levels rise.

Find and Track also helps to keep your customers happy by improving response time and by being able to avoid vague answers when they ask where your employee is. By being able to locate them in real time, you improve customer service by informing the customer as to your employees’ exact whereabouts and estimated arrival time. Also, if a customer needs something urgently, you can see which of your workers is nearest to the customer and re-route them quickly.

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