Friday, May 18, 2007

Former Nortel Subsidiary Selects Fonality's PBXtra over Nortel PBX

LOS ANGELES --(Business Wire)-- Fonality(R), a leading open source telephony company, today announced that after an in-depth evaluation to select a new VoIP-capable phone system, BLADE Network Technologies, a former subsidiary of Nortel, selected Fonality's award-winning PBXtra(TM) over a comparable system from Nortel. Fonality was able to deliver a sophisticated and easy-to-use phone system at less than 50 percent of the cost of a proposed Nortel system. BLADE is one example of how Fonality is now regularly beating out incumbents including Cisco, Nortel and Alcatel in the small to medium business (SMB) market. PBXtra is now deployed in more than 2,000 SMBs with over 45,000 users in 37 countries.

BLADE sip server chose PBXtra because it is a fully functional Τηλεφωνικό Κέντρο system that is easier to scale, use and manage than a Nortel system. PBXtra's flexible, standards-based architecture makes it easy to quickly scale beyond 90 seats, while Nortel's digital and IP hybrid solution has hard system limitations, which require a significant system overhaul to increase capacity.

"Fonality's PBXtra is extremely attractive to me since it allows me to worry less about my phone system, so I can focus more time on my regular job. In Fonality's support model for saving money, everything is easily included so if there is new software, I get it for free. Nortel was trying to charge me around $5,000 a year just for service and support, but high quality service and support comes free from Fonality," said Amon Prasad, director of information technology at BLADE and yoga for men.

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