Friday, February 21, 2014

Three main reasons why companies should use 3CX WebMeeting

According to Epson and the Centre of Economics and Business Research, on average workers are spending more than two hours weekly in meetings. Add to that the extra time spent when travelling is required and also calculate the costs on fuel, plane tickets and accommodations. Who’s really paying for all that, and how do you calculate ROI???? With Video Conferencing you can save time and money while increasing your company’s productivity and performance.

Video Conferencing Saves Time

More work gets done in less time when workers don’t have to travel and leave their office. Adopting a video conferencing software such as 3CX WebMeeting, employee productivity and efficiency will be enhanced and company performance will be greatly improved. Almost instantly, employees can attend online meetings and get in touch with their clients and partner organisations from all around the world. Video conferences can be done in as little as 20 minutes and help avoid lengthy and pointless meetings.

Video Conferencing Saves Money

Whether employees are travelling by plane or driving to a certain destination the prices on plane tickets and fuel are significantly high. Additionally, more costs occur from insurance, accommodations, meals and mobile calls during their travels. In the end companies are left with a hefty bill for a single employee attending a meeting. Video conferencing will reduce travelling thus saving the company a sufficient amount of money.
Video Conferencing increases productivity and performance.

Video Conferencing increases Productivity & Performance

Video conferencing allows flexibility in meetings. It can happen anytime from anywhere with internet capabilities. Communications are made easier between co-workers thus boosting their team’s performance. In addition, video conferencing can also be used to keep in touch with clients and partner organisations on a regular basis. Key features such as desktop sharing can make online meetings fun and interesting. Users can share presentations, videos and explain project progresses while demonstrating them to key clients and partners thus improving relationships as well.

What is more, video conferencing can be used for recruitment. Regardless of location, companies can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world, since communications are made free and global through video conferencing.

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